Biblical Archaeology Review 22/1: 46-55, 70-73. The location of the Ark, unknown for thousands of years, has been the subject of great supposition, among Bible students and archaeologists alike. People have made claims and written books purporting to know the location of the Ark. It is equally important to both Muslim and Jewish followers and is the Ark’s last “known” location. The Ark of the Covenant. REFERENCES. Currently, no one knows where Jeremiah hid the Ark. According to Vendyl, the Ark is hidden somewhere in a "cave with two columns, near the River of … So the Ark is “Hidden,” and hidden quite well, but it is not lost…. At Temple Mount, under the Dome of the Rock, on the West Bank. However, no one has revealed the Ark or its location. ALSO SEE: Ark of the Covenant, Lost or Found? Vendyl Jones believes that the mysterious Copper Scroll, discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran Cave 3, is a treasure map which leads to the exact location of the Ark of the Covenant. Ritmeyer, L., 1996 “The Ark of the Covenant: Where it Stood in Solomon's Temple”. And we know that the ark is still there, undisturbed, and waiting for the day when it will be revealed. Ritmeyer, L., 1992 “Locating the Original Temple Mount”. A gold-plated chest known for being the abode of the Ten Commandments: two stone tablets stating the ten most fundamental principles of Jewish and Christian life, and the basis of most, if not all, judicial laws of the modern world. The Ark of the Covenant – The earthly throne of the Almighty and a container for the Ten Commandments, the stipulations of His covenant with mankind, which He wrote in stone with His own finger. Location of the Ark of the Covenant. Biblical Archaeology Review 18/2: 24-45, 64-65. This location is recorded in our sources, and today, there are those who know exactly where this chamber is. This is because the Ark of the Covenant is not on Earth.

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