.menu_bybrandlist .newbrandlist .menucarat, text-transform: initial; font-weight: bold; padding: 0; } } } font-size: 8px; margin: 0; 5.0 out of 5 stars Easy to use, powerful and convenient. } margin-bottom: 0; } text-align: left display: inline-block; display: block; .celebrating { } display: none } max-width: 400px .chatdiv img { The Miele Vacuum S2 S2181 Titan canister is the ideal vacuum for the first-time owner looking for value and performance cleaning … min-width: auto; } text-align: center font-size: 5vw !important; background: url(https://www.thinkvacuums.com/media/wysiwyg/social-youtube.1497985742.png) center center no-repeat font-size: 9px .header-minicart .info-wrapper .percase { display: block; .hearts { } color: #ffffff; } .branddetailbanner h1 { font-size: 14px; @media only screen and (max-width:600px) { padding: 0; Miele SF-AH30 Active HEPA Filter. #small_comparesystems th { display: inline-block; background: #00ADEF line-height: 10px; transform: scale(1.0); width: 30% These versatile canisters gently care for all flooring in your home, from smooth, solid surfaces like tiles and hardwoods to plush rugs and deep-pile carpeting. Accessories include a crevice nozzle for hard-to-reach spaces, an upholstery tool for sofas and curtains and a dusting brush for baseboards and ledges. position: absolute; Miele SEB217-3 Electric Power Head. c. The warranty period for vacuum cleaners (excepting the S8990 and RX1 Scout), and all accessories, excluding vacuum cleaner motors, power head motors, and vacuum cleaner casings (body), is one (1) year from the date of purchase. .homelogolink { color: #ffffff; display: none } width: 80%; #pro-tabnew p a { font-size: 115%; width: 25px; font-weight: bold; height: 100px; } #header-nav.skip-content { li.nav-4.active .level-top.shown-sub { display: block; display: none padding: 0; } } #superpage h2.reversed { .findbybrand ul { } View online or download Miele S2180 Operating Instructions Manual, Technical Information, Specifications } color: #3399ff; .ourec { max-height: 65px; On-Board Tools: Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush and Upholstery Tool. color: #ffffff; } .systems_list { text-align: center; } float: none; line-height: 1 padding: 0px !important; That this product, including all of its Miele authorized parts is free of defects in material and workmanship. } } Home Shop Repairs & Service Vacuum Trade In Vacuum By Needs Contact / Map Service Area … } text-decoration: none; } Miele products are subject to Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP). } display: none!important padding: 5px; #best10>ul>ul { border-radius: 3px position: relative; width: 100%; .listbrandnav ul li { font-size: 1em; } Miele AirClean Dustbags Type GN - 8 Pack. font-size: 14px; font-weight: normal; } .socialsfooter li { } } vertical-align: middle line-height: 1.1em #snize-search-results-grid-mode, .prodsku { text-transform: capitalize width: 47%; padding: 0!important; } Except for the limited warranty provided herein, Miele disclaims any and all other express warranties with respect to the product. } width: 55%; @media only screen and (max-width: 1024px) { @media only screen and (max-width: 768px) { border: solid 0; padding: 0; } color: #fff This warranty only applies while the product remains within the United States, and shall be null and void in any other US territories, possessions, or foreign countries. The motors of commercially used upright vacuums will be warranted for one (1) year and the motors of all other commercially used vacuum cleaners, except for the RX 1 Scout will be warranted for two (2) years. body.page-empty.cms-page-view.cms-find-right-attachment-kit { Any purchaser who obtains a vacuum cleaner, accessories, replacement parts, etc., from someone other than an Authorized Miele dealer proceeds at their own risk. .motor-right span.active { top: 0; text-align: left; padding: 20px 5px 20px 5px !important; display: table-cell; font-size: 16px; h5.tblcmptle { line-height: 1.5 margin: 0; .logo { } width: 50px; .ourec .recbutton a { .hhbrandbox h2 { background: #1861BD!important; float: right; .ban-right { background: #000000; display: block } max-width: 175px; border: solid 1px; columns: 6 150px text-transform: capitalize; } line-height: 1 font-weight: bold padding-top: 10px In addition to this, the self-sealing spring-loaded dust bag with a maximum capacity of 4.76 quarts makes it impossible for these particles to escape the filtration system and return into the air. } } The Miele Titan S2181 Canister Vacuum is designed for smooth flooring, area rugs, and low to medium pile carpeting. margin-top: -15px; .col-md-4.search-box { border: solid 0; display: block; #dropdown li a:hover { This handle makes the Titan canister vacuum very easy to use, just like the 360-degree casters make it very easy to drag around the house. width: 150px; #cmsblock_bottom { ul.social li { .chatdiv { color: #ffff00 margin-top: 0px; vertical-align: middle; .powerunits tr td:nth-child(0n+1) { padding-bottom: 20px font-size: 16px font-weight: bold; padding-left: 5px; max-width: 100%; The appealing casing also conceals a very efficient filtration system, the Active HEPA filter of this appliance having the ability to collect up to 99.97% of the dust and other particles in the air. margin-left: 15px; } table.powerunits .power { } All items on this page will work with any version (s2180, s2181 or C1) of the Titan. border-radius: 10px } position: relative; d. For vacuum cleaner casings (body), the warranty period will be as follows: - The structural integrity of the vacuum cleaner casing (body), will be covered for seven (7) years from the date of purchase against defects in material and workmanship on the S2xxx, S4xxx, S5xxxx, S6xxx, S7xxx, S8xxx, S160 and S190 product series. margin: 5px 0; .tabcontainer li.brandtext { The timestrip® lets you know when the filter should be changed. background-color: #1861BD!important; The travel ramp design lets you move your vacuum easily over thresholds and around obstructions. } #small_comparesystems tr td:nth-child(1) a { color: #01ADEF; } Miele S2000 Operating InstructionsMiele Warranty Information, in the lower 48 on orders over $80 - all other orders $5.95shipping, located in Germany, every year. padding: 0!important; font-size: 9px!important background: url(https://www.thinkvacuums.com/media/pdfs/misc/compare.1501618298.jpg) center center no-repeat; top: 4px color: #333333 float: right; border-top: none; } width: 110px border: 2px solid #000!important; margin: 10px 0 @media (max-width:768px) { } .branddetailbanner { color: #ffff66!important; padding: 0!important; float: none } } margin-bottom: 20px; } font-size: 9px } position: static!important .cms-content ul { font-size: 24px; border: solid 0; } -->, . vertical-align: top .tabcontainer a { text-decoration: underline padding: 2px; } } font-size: 14px z-index: 100; width: 32%; margin: 0; #header-search { Bank's Vac Stocks all Miele Canisters - Miele Titan Canister S2181. font-weight: normal Miele Capella S4210 Vacuum Parts . margin-right: auto; h1 { } } .alternatives .col-sm-9 {

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