/ifs/data on the target cluster. You must activate a SyncIQ license on both Isilon clusters before you can replicate data between them. The following command breaks the association between weeklySync and the local cluster: The following command creates a network traffic rule that limits bandwidth consumption to 100 KB per second from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every weekday: The following command creates a file-operations rule that limits the file-send rate to 3 files per second from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every weekday: : The following command causes a performance rule with an ID of bw-0 to be enforced only on Saturday and Sunday: The following command deletes a performance rule with an ID of bw-0: The following command enables a performance rule with an ID of bw-0: The following command disables a performance rule with an ID of bw-0: The following command displays detailed information about a performance rule with an ID of bw-0: The following command causes OneFS to delete replication reports that are older than 2 years: The following command displays a replication report for weeklySync: The following command displays subreports for weeklySync: The following command displays a subreport for weeklySync: Depending on the amount of data being synchronized or copied, a full and differential replications can take a very long time to complete. Sorts output by errors that the replication job encountered. To restart replication, you must start the replication policy again. /ifs/data/archive directory is not under either of the included directories. Excess reports are periodically deleted by SyncIQ; however, you can manually delete all excess replication reports at any time. For example, Specifies the maximum number of replication reports that are retained for this policy. Some units of time are displayed differently when you view a report than how they were originally entered. --target-compare-initial-sync option. During a differential replication, SyncIQ first checks whether a file already exists on the target cluster and then transfers only data that does not already exist on the target cluster. /ifs/data. If you initiate failover for a replication policy while an associated replication job is running, the failover operation completes but the replication job fails. The total size of the null-terminated UTF-8 string that contains the root path of the snapshots, in bytes. You can also include a range of days by specifying two values separated by a dash. Specify After you fail over to a secondary cluster, you can redirect clients to modify their data on the secondary cluster. Click You can test only policies that have not been run before. For example, if you specify. The files format includes the username to execute the command before the command itself. Even if you modify the name or IP address of the target cluster, the mark persists on the target cluster. The default naming pattern is the following string: Specifies an expiration period for archival snapshots on the target cluster. However, if the action of the replication policy is set to copy, any file that was deleted on the primary cluster will be present on the secondary cluster. Discover the industry's best customer service experience. Failback is not supported for copy policies. Files that do not meet the specified criteria will not be replicated to the target cluster. The number of nanoseconds past the atime that the item was last accessed. This option is available for copy policies only. The unified software platform provides centralized web-based and command-line administration to manage the following features: ... OneFS enables you to replicate data from one Isilon cluster to another through the SyncIQ software module. You can manually start a replication policy at any time, but you can also configure replication policies to start automatically based on source directory modifications or a schedule. SyncIQ is a Psychedelic Trance DJ from Switzerland. Restricts replication jobs to running only on nodes in the specified subnet on the local cluster. The following command enables changelists for newPolicy: The snapshots must have been generated sequentially for a replication policy. If a checksum value does not match, OneFS retransmits the affected file data packet. If this is a copy policy, and files in the target directory share the same name as files in the source directory, the target directory files are overwritten when the job is run. If replication jobs run on an interval, meaning that there is a period of time after a replication job completes before the next replication job for the policy starts, the relationship between RTO and RPO depends on whether a replication job is running when the disaster occurs. You cannot customize the content of a replication report. Archival snapshots contain the same data as the snapshots that are generated for failover purposes. If you want to temporarily suspend a replication policy from creating replication jobs, you can disable the policy, and then enable the policy again later. /ifs/data/media/file exists on the target cluster, running the policy does not cause If SyncIQ disables a replication policy due to a replication error, and you fix the issue that caused the error, you can resolve the replication policy. Afterwards, you can resume the job, continuing replication from the point where the job was interrupted. The command also creates archival snapshots on the target cluster: You can create a SyncIQ domain to increase the speed at which failback is performed for a replication policy. The number of bytes between the start of the changelist entry structure and the null-terminated UTF-8 string that contains the root path of the snapshots. However, an unlimited number of canceled replication jobs can exist on a cluster. A paused job reserves cluster resources whether or not the resources are in use.

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